Jehremie Woods

Jehremie started developing and writing games as a kid in the 80's on a Tandy 1000. Text based adventures written in BASIC and later QBASIC were always in varying states of completion across multiple 5.25" floppy drives on his desk. When he wasn't programming something or another, his dad was taking him sailing on the local lakes and ponds.

After schooling and a quick stint in the US Navy, he quickly returned to the sea as a deckhand, eventually working his way to being a Captain on Supply Vessels. 10 years and 2 Master's licenses later he found a job in the tech industry developing software for Hotels and Restaurants. 12 years later he is still developing software and getting back into developing games, though they are not made in BASIC anymore!

For hobbies he enjoys spending time with his lovely wife, competitive shooting, teaching firearms safety, visiting historic ships and replicas, and in general building games.

Christian Tornholm-Lehn

Christian has an extensive background in creative arts, stage arts and music. He has been a professional musician, songwriter and composer for more than 20 years, merited with awards and several top 10 listings on the music billboards in his homeland Norway, whereof 2 of them were No 1 listings for numerous weeks. His music and voice has fronted big campaigns for Goliath companies such as Coca Cola Company Europe.

He also composes music for the international gaming industry.

In 2012 he took his miniature modeling hobby over to the 3D format, and has since been perfecting his skills in the digital format.

Aside being a developer, he is Wolf Pack Games "sound guy" and composer. But also does graphical art and 3D modeling. His passion for gaming has been a paramount "mistress" in his life ever since he got his very first gaming console - the Atari 2600 back in 1986.

Other hobbies are ancient history, archaeology, theology, the fantasy genre and spending time with his wife and 4 daughters.