Let's Play It!

So I was inspired by coming across a game that I had not seen in the better part of 15 years called Sopwith and figured it would be a good challenge to try and recreate something similar using Unity. My goal is to keep my development time under 40 hours, so it will not become a full fledged product, but I am aiming to make it playable and fun nonetheless. It is currently playable on the web at the link below.

How to Play
Quite simply go to the link above. It will open a web player for the latest version. If the game updates then that will always get the latest version to download for you. Use the machine guns and bombs to destroy enemy tanks and craft, land at hangars and fuel points to get more resources to use.

Controls (they are crappy setup but let me test without taking hand off of keyboard for tests in Unity)
W / S: Pitch of airplane (how you make it do loops)
A / D: Throttle
Space: Machine gun
F: Bombs
R: Reset orientation back to neutral. Also costs 25 points to do this, so earn some points first.
G: Reset game

Planned Design
Player starts as a biplane (sort of a Sopwith) that has two available weapons and needs to destroy as many enemies as possible before getting shot down. The player can use their points earned from destroying the enemy to purchase repairs, ammo, bombs, fuel, and upgrades. Players can also land at mission centers and be assigned a mission to increase their points substantially.

The level is designed to be nearly infinite. The design is done so that there is a possibility of the terrain changing drastically throughout the game and creating many interesting challenges without having to force those on the system. The basic design allows a level to have an ‘airport’ area around every 1000-1500 meters so that there MIGHT be a refuel, repair, or mission building to utilize. If there isn’t then the player will have to fly until the next one and hope it is there. Land nearby (right side up preferable, but it still works if you are upside down) and the locations will repair or refuel your plane.


Player resources:
Fuel, Bombs, Ammo, Health, and Score (not shown)

Player Items:

Machine Gun


Rocket (planned)

Refuel at the fuel tank:

Repair & Rearm at a Hangar:

Get missions from the control tower (planned)


Tries to shoot you out of the sky with its low rate of fire gun. It may shoot slow but hits hard!

Zeppelin (planned)
Multiple small machine guns make it a hard target to get near. Patrols back and forth on small areas. Cut it apart with machine guns or use a rocket to light it on fire!

AA Truck (planned)
Several small machine guns make it hard to get near. Stay high and use your bombs or risk going in straight down in its blind spot.

AA Emplacement (planned)
Dug in emplacement with several high powered Flak cannons. Stay low to get out of its range and use bombs or rockets to destroy it. Flak will fire a bit slow but the enemy will predict for that and fire ahead of your flight path. Fly erratic and don’t let them get a bead on you.

Ammo Dumps, Factories, random buildings (planned)
Will have small machine gun emplacements on the roof to defend themselves. Bombs will do the most damage but cutting it apart with a machine guns is also possible.

Barons (planned)
Enemy aircraft that will attempt to ruin your day by shooting you down.

Birds (planned)
Seriously, screw these guys. Just randomly flying around. Hit them and it will cause engine damage.