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Week one update – Salty Sea Dogs

Week one update

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So we have been working extremely hard on Tides of War and have gotten a lot of good work done.  So let’s look at some of the things that have been accomplished over the last week.

      1. Semi-Functional AI – AI will actively shoot at the player and try to chase them down.  If the player moves too close to the AI ship it will turn to try to avoid a collision.
      2. Working Damage system – Ships now can take damage with each hit, too many hits and the ship will sink.
      3. Cannon effects – Cannons now have a smoke effect to them.  The smoke effect currently in use is only temporary and will change.  The cannonballs shot from the cannons have a hit effect on them giving you the player a visual indication of the hit.  There will be different types of shots, ammo, that will contain heated rounds, those are the ones I am testing with, they will have a chance to start a fire on the ship that is hit.
      4. Sounds – Cannons have a shooting sound, Ambient waves can be heard and creaking wood from the ship can be heard as well.  More sounds to come.


This is all the work that has been done within the first week, we are hoping to have a single player scenario later this week.  Networking is on hold while a the water / buoyancy system is being worked out.

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